Empowering your organization through CISO as a Service.

CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) delivers expert Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) leadership on a flexible, fractional basis—also known as Virtual CISO or vCISO. CISOaaS is a flexible and efficient leadership option for most organizations. The vCISO, as part of CISOaaS will fill the same role of a full-time CISO, just on a part-time basis, working closely within your organization to improve security, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and align security initiatives with business objectives.

Solutions that Elevate Your Security

  • Predefined Packages to Choose From

  • Custom Options Tailored to Your Needs

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Our CISOaaS offerings are predefined solutions with a clearly outlined and comprehensive security strategy that adheres to an established program. Our CISOaaS packages are formulated considering budget and commitment levels, yet the programs can be personalized to accommodate your specific needs. Each program builds on another, offering additional cohesive services throughout the tier-levels. However, we also offer the flexibility to tailor a program to your specifications through our custom option.

Our CISOaaS programs guarantee proactive security measures, incident prevention, the cultivation of a security-conscious culture, and a holistic approach for immediate and lasting security benefits. These CISOaaS offerings are formulated considering budget and commitment levels, yet the programs can be personalized to accommodate your specific needs.
Flexible CISO as a Service programs to elevate your defenses.

Basic Plan, Assess Gaps


Starting at $3,250/ mo*

  • vCISO Leadership
  • InfoSec Strategy
  • Program Guidance
  • Data Security Gap Assessment
  • Reporting

Adds Risk Management


Starting at $6,240/ mo*

  • Includes Introductory, plus
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Register Management
  • Policy & Procedure Refinement
  • Vulnerability Management Maturity

Business Alignment & Strategy


Starting at $9,100/ mo*

  • Includes Standard, plus
  • Incident Management Planning
  • Policy & Procedure Creation
  • Alignment with Business Objectives
  • Architecture Review

Premier Plan


Starting at $14,300/ mo*

  • Includes Advanced, plus
  • Security-Technology Optimization
  • Vendor Review
  • Security Awareness Improvements
  • Auditing & Metrics

Tailored Around You


Starting at $3,300+/ mo*

  • You Select Features/Options
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Aligned to Specific Requirements
The displayed price is starting price as the price may vary depending upon scope and option choices.
More Package Details.
The Introductory package establishes a cybersecurity “maturity roadmap” for small, lower-budget companies to mature the 30+ security domains that comprise information security. The package also includes a security gap assessment and report, vCISO leadership, cybersecurity program guidance, a regulatory compliance review, oversight of security personnel, reporting to leadership, and open hours.
The Standard package is a risk-based approach that launches a security strategy based on common threats and risks. The plan includes a strategic roadmap for the program and maturing the 30+ security domains comprising information security and consists of a gap assessment and report, a risk assessment, and risk register development and management. The package also includes a regulatory compliance review, policy refinement, vulnerability management maturity, VCISO leadership, oversight of security personnel, reporting to leadership, and open hours.
The Advanced package establishes a security culture throughout the organization, forming strong cross-functional partnerships and ensuring cybersecurity strategy, security domain programs, and the company’s projects and initiatives align with the security ethos. In addition, the package expands on the Introductory and Standard packages by aligning policy, people, processes, and technology with business priorities. The Advanced package comprises extensive road mapping and project planning to coordinate business strategy and security initiatives and drive improvements to the security posture. The package also consists of an architecture review, incident management planning, and the prioritization of risk reduction strategies in addition to the Introductory and Standard package contents.
The Enterprise package is a premier suite explicitly tailored to the customer. The plan includes vCISO leadership, a comprehensive security strategy, SWOT analysis, extensive road mapping and planning, and alignment of initiatives with business objectives and quarterly priorities. Additionally, the package consists of a risk-based approach to security with risk assessments, risk register development and management, and oversight of risk remediation. The plan comprises personnel management, coordination with external auditors, meeting with cross-functional stakeholders to drive initiatives and projects, supervising security improvements and the optimization of the security-technology stack, reporting and metrics development, open hours, and more. In addition, depending on the selected package, the contents may include vendor security reviews, internal auditing functions, security awareness improvements, and social engineering exercises.

We can customize a package to suit your exact use case and requirements. So let us know how we can help, and we will tailor a package specifically to your needs.

vCISO Leadership
Infosec Strategy
Cybersecurity Program Guidance
Personnel Oversight
Regulatory Compliance Review
Security Maturity Gap Assessment
Open Hours
Risk Assessments
Risk Management & Risk Register Management
Policy & Procedure Refinement
Vulnerability Management Maturity
Incident Management Planning
Policy & Procedure Creation
Strategic Alignment with Business Objectives
Architecture Review
Optimization of the Security-Technology Stack
Vendor Review
Security Awareness Improvements & Social Engineering Exercises
Internal Audit
Coordinate External Audits
Let’s discuss your security challenges and how we can customize a solution to your needs.

Getting the right service for your unique needs is crucial, considering factors like budget, scope, regulations, and requirements. Let’s schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, and we will tailor a package specific to your needs!

    Service or Package of Interest:
    Unlock security expertise without compromising budgets.
    Elevate your security strategy without bearing the hefty price tag of a full-time CISO. A full-time CISO can cost more than $250K a year. Our CISO as a Service offerings can cost as little as $39K per year, depending on your requirements and level of need. We offer packages to fit various budgets and customized solutions tailored to your needs.
    Real leadership, not just technical know-how.
    Our Virtual CISOs go beyond technical roles. They are experienced experts who have led security departments and have been in executive positions. Count on their proven skills to reshape your security strategy, at a fraction of a full-time CISO’s cost.
    Virtual CISO, vCISO, Security Leadership, CISOaaS
    Maximize your potential with these exceptional benefits.

    Expert leadership and guidance

    Strategic planning and roadmaps

    Flexible investment

    Gap and risk assessments and corrective action planning

    Risk Management oversight

    Security posture improvement

    Improvement roadmaps and deliverables

    Security program oversight, planning, and maturity
    Proven methodology and track record
    Extensive compliance, regulation, and framework experience
    Deep understanding of compliance regulations such as PCI, FERPA, HIPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and others.

    Alignment with security standards (e.g., ISO 27001, CIS, NIST, FISMA)

    Audit support, including SOC 2, ISO 27001/2, HIPAA, and more

    Regulatory compliance monitoring

    Wide range of expertise and experience in diverse industries

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