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Use Case
Strengthening Security: Enabling Growth and Mitigating Risks
Executive Summary
A private equity-backed web app company engaged Vanguard Technology Group to address security concerns identified during the investment process. The client sought to establish a mature and comprehensive security program to meet investor requirements and mitigate risks.
Customer Overview
Our client is a web app company backed by a private equity firm. The investor identified specific risks that needed to be addressed in the investment process, leading the client to engage Vanguard Technology Group for assistance.
The Situation
The private equity firm mandated the client to establish a robust security program and prioritize initiatives to mitigate risks. However, the client had an immature security program with limited policies and technical controls such as Endpoint Detection & Response, encryption, and access controls. The internal security team consisted of engineers and analysts, led by a senior team leader lacking expertise in program growth. In addition, the existing program was ad hoc, needing documented procedures and core security domain programs like Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, and Configuration Management, leaving their security posture inadequate.
The Solution
Our CISOaaS-Advanced program was a fitting solution for the client’s needs. It encompassed vCISO leadership, implementation of a security strategy, program guidance, personnel oversight, assessment processes, risk management, policy and procedure development, incident management planning, regulatory compliance review, reporting, and alignment with business objectives. Additionally, the CISOaaS solution includes a Data Security Posture Gap Assessment, we were quickly able to identify gaps in their program, prioritize initiatives, provide actionable insight, and establish a roadmap for maturity. Our solution aimed to address and quantify risk, establish a strategy with prioritized efforts, provide strategic leadership, implement effective domain security programs, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Our Engagement
CISO as a Service (CISOaaS): This program provided leadership, guidance, and services ensuring a robust security program, reduced risk, and alignment with business objectives.
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